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Are you interested in building a new retaining wall, re-building an existing wall or you are in need of some kind of wall retaining service? Having your retaining wall built right, the first time is important. And that’s what we specialise in doing, here at Bricklayers Sydney.

We understand that retaining walls constitute a major component of a landscape. And when done properly, they can be used to create a physical barrier in places with little or no soil. Our retaining walls are made of the topmost quality and industry standards to ensure maximum drainage efficiency, as well as help to enhance stability and a firm grip against sliding or overturning

Our professionals at Bricklayers Sydney are experienced at what we do – always ensuring that the entire retaining wall process is correctly done – looking great and efficient; to industry specification and highest standards. Thus eliminating the possibility of any cracks major or minor – in the future.

Bricklayers Sydney’s range of professional wall retaining services includes block, sleeper, Keystone, post & rail, bagged/rendered, quarry rock and sandstone.

Sydney's Most Trusted Retaining Wall Professionals

Bricklayers Sydney has been in the business of building domestic, commercial and industrial retaining walls for many years with an unmatched expertise. Experience the great peace of mind and comfort that comes with knowing that your wall retaining will be done to specification by the trusted retaining-wall professionals.

Regardless of your property size or land space, or retaining-wall needs, Bricklayers Sydney can be trusted to construct an extremely high-quality and durable retaining wall that is tailored to meet those needs.

  • Brick Wall
  • Brick Fireplace
  • Brick Letterbox
  • Brick Fences

  • Brick Wall
  • Brick Fireplace
  • Brick Letterbox
  • Brick Fences


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